Thursday, July 18, 2019

Sean Duffy is having a 1984 doublespeak moment

The Wisconsin GOP Congressman Sean Duffy - - most of whose PolitiFact ratings are in the false categories - - twice verbalized the phrase "anti-American" in actual words from his mouth organ to describe the four Congresswomen whom Trump is attacking.
Sean Duffy Official Portrait 115th Congress.jpg

After a backlash, and without the courage of his own convictions, Duffy says he's being misinterpreted because he was only quoting Trump.

You decide:
I’ve looked closely at the chain of three tweets sent out by Pres. Trump, and in those tweets, I see nothing that references anybody’s race. Not a thing. I don’t see anyone’s name being referenced in the tweets. But the president’s referring to people, congresswomen, who are anti-American. And lo and behold, everybody in this chamber knows who he’s talking about.  Who are the anti-American members of Congress? He didn’t say their names. He did not say their race, but he commented on how they view America. And we all know who he’s talking about.”
PolitiFact needs a new category for speech which extends beyond routine dishonesty, evasion and stupidity. 

'Full-on Orwellian' or 'Sleazy Double-Talk' would do it. 

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Unknown said...

Sean Duffy is consistently wrong but never in doubt.