Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Walkerites find another way to sandbag Evers, democracy in Wisconsin

Having noted recent WI GOP moves to hold tightly to power despite Walker's defeat, Badgerland's one-party-rule advocates rolled out yet another maneuver that connects the Legislature's GOP power-grabbing to a State Supreme Court majority already firmly in the right's corner.

The AP explains the latest ploy
A conservative law firm on Wednesday asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to dramatically scale back the ability of governors to change the intent of lawmakers through partial budget vetoes — a move that would reverse more than four decades of precedent.
Because despite all the GOP's b.s. about "good faith" cooperation and the sanctity of the veto power Walker enthusiastically enjoyed and implemented, Republicans are not going to let Evers have the same powers and privileges, regardless of his election. 
Walker shown dealing in 2018 with the climate change reality he steadfastly denied. Though defeated in November, we're learning he and his party have found new ways to sandbag the democratic process. (Judith Davidoff photo)
So please overlook this kind of garbage Walker disingenuously threw out after his defeat while he and his lieutenants had already begun scheming how to clip Evers' wings:
“The new governor will still have some of the strongest powers of any governor in the nation if these bills become law. He will have the power to veto legislation and he will have some of the broadest line-item veto authority of any governor in the nation.”
That is, until we change the rules because we lost the game.

What Republicans want is permanent, one-party rule - - theirs - - to keep the donor gravy train running on time and, through gerrymandering, to also hand the state's electoral college votes to Trump and any GOP successor.

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Katrina said...

This prompted me to contribute to Evers campaign and my Democratic Representatives campaign. I think Vos is the best fund raiser for the Democrats.