Thursday, July 25, 2019

Evers' DNR hosts nat'l deer wasting summit. 2nd science-revival post today.

Walker wasted eight years ignoring chronic deer wasting disease: Kudos to Gov. Evers, through the Preston Cole-managed DNR, for again undoing Walker's damage.

I had included Walker's intentional dismissal of these issues - - except to protect commercial deer shooting businesses which some have said enabled the spread of the disease - - in a 21-part series I posted in 2018 about his anti-science, ideologically-based, donor-and-polluter protecting eight-year reign and indelible legacies, and in this segment, here
CWD remedies chronically wasted
Wisconsin's traditional nine-day gun deer season begins November 17th - - but under a growing cloud; chronic deer wasting disease now affects 55 of our 72 counties, proving that voluntary practices the DNR is promoting to stem the epidemic are ineffective.

Noted in this early 2018 posting, in subsequent reporting, and also, this: in 2017, there was even less testing for the disease since Walker came into office.
Pair this long-overdue DNR initiative on CWD research and action alliances with additional multi-agency clean water initiatives - - here - - and related moves, and you can begin to see that elections indeed have consequences - - for public health, conservation and other necessities.

How easy would it have been for Walker to take time away from his national fund-raising, political campaigning and Twitter photo posting to have the DNR he crippled take this simple step:
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary Preston Cole is telling wildlife officials attending a multi-state conference on chronic wasting disease that they need to talk to each other and come up with a regional approach to slowing the disease.
It's a relief to see the growing comeback for science in Wisconsin after Walker dissed and dismissed DNR scientists and targeted UW, energy and environmental science in budget cuts so severely stupid what even his legislative water-carriers refused to go along.

I had earlier posted a separate item Thursday morning about another Evers science revival, here.

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