Thursday, July 11, 2019

About the Foxconn Q&A next week. Beware traffic, time limits, no-show pols, etc.

The 'do-you-have-any-questions-for Foxconn!' public meeting next week in Mt. Pleasant - - just off death trap alley and not far from bulldozer blight - - suggests that the region is at the second stage of John Norquist's famous description of how big highway projects are framed:

Stage 1. Too soon to know anything.

Stage 2. Too late to do anything about it.

Here's my blog's complete Foxconn archive of more than 330 posts as question source material; my only questions would be "how are away is Scott Walker?" and "where is State Rep. and project champion Robin Vos' reserved seat?"

Love the exclamation point! And I'm sure an hour and a half is plenty of time to get all the questions asked and answered.

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