Friday, July 12, 2019

Clear-eyed Foxconn analysis emphasizes 'no idea.'

Days before Foxconn's perhaps historic dog-and-pony-fest next week, clarity!

Among the bazillion words written about Foxconn - - of which maybe a half-million in about 345 posts are mine - -  props to Oshkosh State Assembly Leader Gordon Hintz 
Gordon Hintz 2010.jpg
for getting to heart of perhaps the big question:

Just how many workers will be doing exactly what in this FUBAR politicized/Walkerized/bulldozed/subsidized Racine County fiasco?
Hintz said “I have no idea because we have no idea what they’re actually going to be doing.”
That about sums it up. 

Robin Vos, Scott Fitzgerald, anything to add.

I didn't think so.

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