Sunday, July 21, 2019

Trump is the ringmaster. With reprehensible stagehands.

While most people - - with the partisan and pathetic exceptions - - are rightfully focused on the American president's racism, Trump's lieutenants 
Betsy DeVos official portrait.jpg
implement his donor base's most base, most-ideologically corrupt agendas which harm everyday people and enrich shady operators.
DeVos Repeals Obama-Era Rule Cracking Down on For-Profit Colleges
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Friday officially repealed an Obama-era regulation that sought to crack down on for-profit colleges and universities that produced graduates with no meaningful job prospects and mountains of student debt they could not hope to repay. 
Also noted Tuesday.
Trump's words are appalling. So are his actions.
* His Environmental Protection Agency is moving to prevent local communities from appealing pollution permits. So much for a clean, healthy environment and a democracy which serves the people.

* His Department of Justice said it did not believe it could prove Eric Garner's federal rights were violated when he was choked to death over selling individual cigarettes on a New York City street by police. Could not prove...or couldn't tick off Barr's boss and try?

* His Interior and Agricultural Departments are intentionally downgrading the science of their career staffs by breaking up their teams and forcing hundreds of scientists - - and their families - - to move halfway across the country.

* And Trump himself is decreeing that Central Americans may not directly seek asylum at the southern border without applying first for asylum in Mexico - - so why doesn't he edit the wording on the Statue of Liberty while he's at it.

Yes, Trump is a racist. And he's got a team of high-powered democracy wreckers to do his bidding.

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