Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Trump, and Walker, to poor: Stop eating.

Ratcheting up his Governance through Resentment, Trump would like more poor people to eat fewer meals. 
The Trump administration has learned that some food stamp recipients may have a few hundred dollars in the bank, and the administration is on it. So it is responding to this emergency by taking steps that could take food stamps away from 3.1 million Americans who rely on them to eat.
As is often the case, Walker beat Trump to the punch.

In fact, Walker was 'on it' two months into his first term, through his first budget, in a section misnamed health and human services.

It's right there in the budget, on page 65, in the "Health and Human Services" section:  
"To further encourage W-2 recipients to recognize that the goal of W-2 is for participants to secure unsubsidized employment, reduce the monthly benefit check by $20." 
And he and his Legislative Resentment Team continued on that path while showing Trump the way.

Walker signing one of his hammock-flipping measures in Milwaukee

For your files:
 Apr 10
Our welfare reforms also set common sense asset limits on public assistance so people with big mansions and fancy cars don’t get welfare checks while hard-working taxpayers have to pay the bills.
* And this one he told to cheering volunteers in West Bend during his 2014 campaign:
"My belief is we shouldn't be paying for them to sit on the couch, watching TV or playing Xbox," Walker told cheering Republican campaign volunteers last week in West Bend.

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