Thursday, July 18, 2019

Robin Vos & Adam Jarchow went big picture @Brewers

Wherein two @Brewer fans agree that the straw that's breaking their camel's back does not involve Cubs, Cardinals, sleepy bats or leaky bullpens. 

It's an actual straw. Whoa!
8:16 PM - 15 Jul 2019

Dear paper straws suck. C’mon. $15 for a drink and my straw disintegrates. Yuck.
 8:46 p.m. @repvos Jul 15
We were there yesterday and said the same thing!! Please stop virtue signaling and focus on customer satisfaction!

Robin Vos speaks at Racine Tea Party event (8378614585).jpg

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Anonymous said...

Who drinks beer out of straw? I mean, I assume they were drinking beer as I remember Jerkhow complaining about DNR wardens ticketing people for drunken boat driving. Vos of course likes to wear his beer. I always wondered about the beer on Vos stunt however, the pourer is now a member of campus Republicans.