Monday, July 22, 2019

Walker loves the outdoors in CO which he trashed in WI

Former Gov. Oblivious, in high self-parody mode, gushes on Twitter through pretty photos and videos of mountains and streams above Aspen  - - "Another beautiful day in Colorado" - - though he's just months removed from his eight run of Wisconsin wetland filling, stream-polluting, toxic mine enabling and related matters now in the courts

Imagine the Penokee Hills, after the 35 years of blasting, mountain top removal and open-pit mining he wanted.

Or the Lake Michigan shoreline nature preserve
Steve Back photo

his DNR and Natural Resources Board had greenlit for bulldozing.

Trump is following Walker's lead.

So what was good for Colorado couldn't fly in Wisconsin? 

And speaking of flying, I wonder who paid for this trip?

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