Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Fox goes bananas for Walker. He goes bananas for fractions! Venn diagram material?

If only WI Gov. Number 45 had posted a Venn diagram to go with all these numbers, but like they say, there's only so much you can pack on to your Twitter feed between Brewer highlights and product-placement photos of what you're eating:
We need 2/3rds of the states (34) or 2/3rds of Congress to vote to bring up a Balanced Budget Amendment. Then 3/4ths of the states (38) must vote to ratify it. 10:28 AM - 1 Jul 2019
And speaking of going bananas, Fox News in a story Walker retweets gives him a new nickname: Walker, Taxes Ranger.
Walker signaled that he is open to running for office again someday. “As my wife has aptly pointed out, as long as it’s been in my blood, it’s hard to imagine that someday I wouldn’t run for anything,” he said... 
He noted that Trump, who is 22 years older than him, has "completely changed the parameters for how long you can be in elected office." 
"For me, it’s possible," Walker said of returning to public office. "I don’t write anything off."
Meanwhile, after the June 30the Brewers game: Hmmmmm.;


Anonymous said...

I suppose now Cousins will declare bankruptcy as everything Walker touches dies.

James Rowen said...

Let's hope not.

Anonymous said...

Walker must have grease running though his veins, the sludge is fogging is brain. Is he trying one of Reagan's tricks, voodoo economics?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

For a guy who complains about "the dependence on government", he sure likes to try to be in government. Pathetic grifter.