Thursday, July 4, 2019

Career gov't official tweets anti-gov't July 4th message

On government payrolls continuously from 1993 to 2019.
We celebrate the 4th of July, not April 15th, because in America we celebrate our independence from government, not out dependence on it.
* How about more than $2 million in public salaries, plus massive benefits:
. our research: received a total in government salary checks of $2,263,058 over 25 years in office. Doesn't include 25 years of family health care, pension & for last eight years, a mansion, driver, cook & security.

* And how about $818,000 worth of state airplane use?


Peter Sobol said...

What a compete jackass. And just for the record, independence day celebrates the formation of a government rooted in the idea that the right to govern only comes from the consent of the people

Betsey said...

Excellent point, Peter Sobol.