Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Awaiting the WI GOP's Screw-Evers Venn Diagram 2.0

Remember the dishonest, FUBAR Venn Diagram?

Fitzgerald and Vos are getting ready to roll out a sequel, as they 
Robin Vos speaks at Racine Tea Party event (8378614585).jpg
deny they are scheming a way to adopt a quickie, GOP-embedding redistricting  that would get an equally quick OK from the Wisconsin Supreme Court and its 5-2 Walkerite majority.

Their unconvincing 'denial' means the plan is probably already written, just like the lame-duck, fast-tracked legislation package that appeared amazingly soon after Walker lost the governorship.

And when these GOP leaders figure out a way to cut Evers - - and you - - out of the process - - they'll make it sound like all they're doing is adopting a simple joint resolution as harmless as naming popcorn the official state munchie.

And if you don't think these power-mad authoritarians would stoop to any depth to deny voters and Democrats fair representation, remember that they put together the current gerrymandering scheme in secret.

Also Google "Robin Vos, Rep. Jimmy Anderson, news."

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