Friday, July 19, 2019

WI scientists define the groundwater health crisis, solutions

The non-partisan, science-based group Wisconsin's Green Fire has published a blueprint that confronts state groundwater contamination.

Gov. Evers, legislators of both parties, other organizations and Wisconsin citizens in all 72 counties need to cooperatively address these pressing /urban-rural needs:
Wisconsin’s Green Fire Statement on Release of Nitrates in Wisconsin Waters Report 07-16-19 – Download Our Press Statement
WGF Nitrates in Wisconsin Waters Final 07-16-2019 – Download Full Document
Wisconsin needs to address the sources of nitrate pollution in drinking water, which is a growing problem around the state. End-of-pipe water supply treatment and well replacement can be short term fixes for households and communities with nitrate contaminated water, but they do nothing to address the source of the problem. It will be more cost effective and more beneficial for the health and quality of life of Wisconsin residents if we tackle nitrates at the source.  
Wisconsin needs a drinking water solution equal to the magnitude of the problem. This paper lays out elements of that solution...

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