Sunday, July 14, 2019

WI DNR adds conservation credibility, public service to top team

Gov. Evers and DNR Secretary Preston Cole have added a knowledgable administrator and stewardship policy voice to the agency's senior management team. During the Walker-Stepp years, this position was filled by people who shared and implemented Walker's 'chamber of commerce mentality.'

From the DNR website:


MADISON - Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary-designee Preston Cole today announced that Beth Bier will serve as DNR Deputy Secretary beginning August 5...
Beth began her career at the DNR in 2001 in the Secretary's Office. That experience led to several years as the Outreach & Policy Coordinator at Gathering Waters Conservancy as well as an Assistant Policy Advisor for former DNR Secretary Scott Hassett...
Prior to her return to the DNR, Beth spent the last 12 years in the office of State Senator Mark Miller, first as Committee Clerk for the Senate Environment & Natural Resources Committee and then as Chief of Staff. In these roles, she has had the privilege to work on and advocate for the Great Lakes Compact, Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund, wetland and groundwater protection and most recently PFAS standards and remediation.

Note that Bier worked on the Great Lakes Compact, while Matt Moroney, a pro-private sector ideologue who served as DNR Deputy Secretary for four years until he joined Walker's staff and eventually was the administration's point person on Foxconn, had unsuccessfully opposed the Compact when he was working in the building industry.
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