Friday, July 26, 2019

Trump's bad-times 'pro-life' agenda

The Trump administration, GOP officials who fawn over it and their aptly-named base voters who cheer at his rallies want you to believe they are pro-life, but the real story is told by Trump's enabling of faster climate change, dirty air, deliberate water pollution, added vehicle smogcaged migrants and their traumatized children - - 
Young persons sitting within a wire mesh compartment in the Ursula detention facility in McAllen, Texas, dated June 2018
Children and juveniles in a wire mesh compartment, showing sleeping mats and thermal blankets on floor
- - selective death penalties, cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and other public health programs - - and now the intentional withholding of food from poor families
More than 27,000 households in Wisconsin could lose their access to food stamps under a new proposal from the Trump administration.
More than 100,000 Wisconsinites had already lost their eligibility under former Gov. Walker's first-wave of benefit cuts, updated statistics show:
Wisconsin Republicans under former Gov. Scott Walker passed a number of changes to the program, including requiring able-bodied adults to work or be looking for jobs in order to receive benefits and to be tested for drug use. 
The work rule has resulted in 100,471 people losing benefits after not meeting the requirement for three months in a row, according to DHS data. 

Don't make me laugh through the tears.

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