Thursday, July 25, 2019

About vaping: there's local harm, and this throwback Thursday reminder

8/8/19 update from 7/25/19 - - Known or suspected WI cases now to up 25.
The new cases included older people in addition to the teens, all of whom reported vaping or “dabbing,” which is vaping marijuana oils extracts or concentrates.T o date officials have confirmed a total of 12 cases and are investigating 13 other cases.
When I see a headline like this:
Eight Milwaukee-area teens hospitalized with severe lung damage that may have been caused by vaping
I remember this based on an error-ridden legislator's news release: 
When Joel Kleefisch stood against gov't. 'vaping patrols'
As the US Food and Drug Administration moves against the health hazards of e-cigarette vaping let's not forget - - noted here - - that Wisconsin State Rep. Joel Kleefisch, (R-Oconomowoc)

Joel Kleefisch.jpg
in his inimitable style, has long been a vaping defender, per his news release:
Vapor devices contain nicotine without the tar, old mattresses and rat poison contained in tobacco cigarettes and cigars. In the body, nicotine has virtually the same effects as when caffeine is consumed...
Right in Lake Country, the electronic vapor device industry is booming at Johnson Creek Enterprises...Businesses like this have opened the door to a flourishing industry that's mission is providing consumers a choice other than smoking tobacco products... 
It's not governments job tell people of the legal age that they are not allowed to partake in a legal activity... 
The nanny state needs to stop interfering in our daily lives. It's no longer a matter of whether there will be efforts for government to step in and start up the vapor patrols. 

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