Tuesday, March 20, 2018

3/20/18 may mark historic WI GOP 'government' fail

We await the outcome of today's FUBAR State Capitol spectacle, where Republicans control both legislative houses and the Governor's office, so will:

*  Pass in special a hurriedly-drafted $100 million school safety package in the wake of gun violence which does not contain the words "gun" or "guns," just as the NRA-controlled Walker wants.

*  Pass, or not pass in the Senate, tax and spending measures covering additional hundreds of millions of public dollars 
Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg
GOP State Sen. Majority Leader and lead clown car driver Scott Fitzgerald, today

that are out of sync with what the Assembly has already passed. Though the Assembly so far refuses to come back into regular session to deal with what the Senate may do.

Or maneuver behind the scenes to act without hearings and other cumbersome trappings of normal, two-party democracy. And why not; the so-called "Sunshine Week" which offers brief, self-parodying lip service to open government expired a few days ago.

Here is an explanation of the Senate and Assembly infighting tantrum-throwing.

None of these these GOP 'leaders' should be allowed to manage a lemonade stand or Saturday's trip to Costco.

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