Wednesday, March 7, 2018

WI pol's ego blocking youth prison hellhole fix

Politics 101 lesson: If you're talking about process, you're losing. 

Enter WI GOP Senate Majority Leader and Loser-of-the-Day poster boy Scott Fitzgerald. He gets the title for inserting himself as the latest obstacle to doing what's long overdue as solution what Walker-created during his first term with his signature on-the-cheap-cum-youth-prison-catastrophe.

We know that Walker was informed in 2012 that his up-north Lincoln Hills maneuver had created an abusive, dysfunctional institution, but today Wisconsin's GOP's State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said that fixing it required his input.

Because that's what's important. After all, you wouldn't want his competitors in the Assembly get the credit Fitzgerald wants to stage-manage his way.
Fitzgerald said there's not enough information about how the plan would work to get his support, and if he had been invited to meetings between Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, and other Republican and Democratic lawmakers, the plan they created might not be in peril at this point. 
"I didn't like the process on it and as a result of that it's not ready for prime time," Fitzgerald said.
So six years of official recognition...but there's no rush while Big Tiny Fitz stamps his foot.

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Anonymous said...

It may be that this is an ego thing - but thank God - this bill is horrible.