Friday, March 23, 2018

WI GOP in havoc-wreaking mode. And when anti-gerrymandering elections are ordered...

Remember in 2015 when Walker posed as a presidential candidate pledged to wreak havoc in Washington?

Well, that didn't work out well for him, and now the country has an even bigger Havoc Wreaker in DC doing just that - - so Walker is content to stay in Madison, where he and his legislative hench-people are busy wreaking havoc anew by moving quickly to pass a law instantly voiding a court ruling by a judge Walker appointed who ordered the Governor to schedule special elections Walker has declined to call.

Now there's a havoc wreaking precedent to deny people's basic rights while favoring GOP, one-party permanence.

Don't like a judicial ruling? Just get your legislative toadies to void it.

All this as his legislative hench-people are moving to pass a different havoc-wreaking law that will instantly void a citizens' hearing before a judge over the loss of a significant wetland.

Don't like a judicial hearing? Just poison it.

Different bills, same GOP, one-party tactic and havoc-wreaking precedent that deny Wisconsin citizens their basic, democratic rights.

All a precursor to what will be Wisconsin Republicans' full-bore, Defcon 5-level defiance should the US Supreme Court this year order new legislative elections statewide by overturning as illegal the secretive GOP gerrymandering that gave this particular breed of democracy-hating, rights-denying, right-wing GOP havoc-wreakers their chokehold on Wisconsin government, budgets and law. 


Jake formerly of the LP said...

None dare call it fascism. But what else could you call it? Banana Republicamism?

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker is not vested in Wisconsin.

He is an Evangelical from rural Iowa, came to Marquette, left Marquette and never had a real job in the real world.

What Walker did do is exploit the toxic politics of suburban Milwaukee to get elected in the early 1990s, and has not stopped living on the taxpayers' dime since.

Meanwhile, Walker is a serial arsonist bent on destroying lakes, rivers, communities, the UW System, homes that families have spent generations to build.

When someone like Walker decides to destroy, history shows most are by-standers, and the entire Republican Party with no exceptions are perps.

Peshkatari said...

For years, I’ve compared Walker and the GOP under his leadership to Maurice Duplessis, the highly autocratic, quasi-dictorial premier (equivalent of a state governor in the Canadian political system) of Quebec, and his party, the Union Nationale. But it seems Walker and co. are hell bent on surpassing them for awfulness; even Duplessis didn’t try to subvert the will of the electorate in such a Machiavellian manner as Walker appears to be trying to do. (At least Walker hasn’t been trying to scoop up orphans, get them classified as mental patients, institutionalize them, and use that to rip off the federal government — at least not yet. Google “Duplessis Orphans” sometime if you want to know what I’m talking about — but be forewarned, what you’ll discover will make your jaw drop.)