Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Schimel touts crippling Obamacare (which funds much opioid care)

Wisconsin GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel is lauding his litigation against Obamacare:
Texas and Wisconsin, joined by 20 states, filed a lawsuit in federal court earlier this month asking the federal courts to obey what the Supreme Court has already recognized and hold all of Obamacare unconstitutional...
We bring this challenge to Obamacare because, as state attorneys general, we took an oath of office to uphold the rule of law and protect the rights of Americans from the unconstitutional, ever-expanding intrusion of the federal government.
Remember that Obamacare helps fund Medicaid so this latest Schimel ploy if successful could make it harder for opioid addicts covered by Medicaid to receive expanded treatment - - as The [Federal] Centers for Medicare and Medicaid recently explained in plain English:
CMS announces new Medicaid policy to combat the opioid crisis by increasing access to treatment options
While Wisconsin on Schimel's watch had the largest uptick in opioid-related emergency room admissions in one, 16-state survey.

So while Schimel is praising himself for litigating against Obamacare - - and suing over Obama-era actions is a major, state-subsidized Schimel behavior - - he's also declined to litigate against the opioid manufacturers who have helped flood the state and nation with addicting pills.

Well done.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Give Schimel credit. Once he's bought, he STAYS bought.

You should have seen the backflips Schimel was trying to pull today by claiming it was OK schools allowed teachers to be armed, but that he wasn't necessarily approving of it himself...even though it was OK with him if it happened.