Saturday, March 17, 2018

Walker manipulates school aids, budget history

In the beginning there was this:
Walker budget will cut $1 b. in school, local aid
Part of his attack on the teaching profession and public service through Act 10:
[Updated several times from 9/1/17] The divide-and-conquer sneaky, partisan and giddly disrespectful Walker "dropped the bomb" on the teaching profession, and the consequences are unfolding...
Fast forward to his 'spank Robin Vos, side-wth-the Senate' 9/20/17 position:
Walker Vetoes Budget Item to Help for Low-Revenue Schools
But now that the campaign is on, there's the  3/12/18 pander:
Gov. Walker signs bill increasing aid for rural schools on Monday
Repeated across his his official and personal Twitter pages:

Enjoyed traveling to northern Wisconsin today to talk about how Wisconsin is working with our historic investments in education, including our Sparsity Aid increase for rural communities – raising the per-student investment from $300 to $400.
Spent this afternoon with students in Erin School District to highlight our historic investment in K-12 education, additional increase in funding for rural schools...

Ditto for his Facebook pages:
Our bipartisan legislation to increase Sparsity Aid for rural communities – from $300 per student to $400 – is on top of our already historic investments in education. Every child in Wisconsin deserves a quality education, regardless of zip code.

Cashton School District will receive an increase in funding like many rural schools throughout the state.

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Anonymous said...

In Racine it looks like he is trying to create a low revenue district.