Tuesday, March 6, 2018

About Nestle's water demand from its Michigan 'mountain'

Nestle wants huge increase in nearly-free-to-the-company-groundwater to brand and sell in Great Lakes Compact 

diversion-rule-evading bottles as "Ice Mountain" - - from a Michigan source at 1,014 ft. 

Hey, who does Michigan think it is - - Wisconsin? Some nerve. And some mountain.
This Week on The Environment Report
Public comments show how much and why people oppose Nestle water withdraw

State regulators are sending signals that they're close to making a decision on a controversial water permit for Nestle.

Right now the company pumps 250 gallons per minute from an existing well near Evart, Michigan to sell under the company's Ice Mountain bottled water brand. Nestle hopes to get a permit that would allow the company to pump 400 gallons of water a minute. But Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality has been inundated with public comments opposing the plan.

On today's Environment Report, we look at the reasons people oppose Nestle's water withdrawal and why it's taken the DEQ so long to review the permit application.  

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