Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Kohler golf course stalled for deeper permit review

Really glad to see that conservationists have prevailed in their request for a deeper review of the DNR's award of wetland filling permission for the proposed Kohler golf course site.

That acreage is really close to the groundwater and to Lake Michigan just down a modest bluff. 

It's hard to imagine that fertilizer runoff and other pollutants won't leach into the groundwater and lake.

And take a look at all the environmental losses on the 247-acre site, not to mention acreage within adjoining Kohler-Andrae State Park awarded by the DNR with the shameful approval of its oversight board.

Check in at the website of Friends of the Black River Forest for updates.


Anonymous said...

Could someone please post the hearing request?

James Rowen said...

Check here. I figure it will be there soon: http://www.friendsblackriverforest.org