Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Scottie and Robin play childish games while other youth suffer

[Updated from 3/14/18 - - Wisconsin State Capitol chaos continues despite the GOP's one-party chokehold: the WI Assembly has adjourned, the WI Senate is set to return with different priorities than the Assembly while Walker has called a special session on some items only. Details, here.
Gov. Scott Walker and Republican leaders in the Senate and Assembly are matched in a test of wills against the backdrop of the final days of the legislative session and a difficult 2018 election for their party. That has led to unexpected questions about whether the GOP-held Legislature will pass the bills that their party's governor considers crucial for his campaign. ]
------------------------------------------ Those bratty boys Scottie (Fitzgerald)
Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg
and Robin (Vos) are fighting again for daddy's (a/k/a 'the other Scott' Walker's) approval and, long-term, to whom he'll will his estate.

This squabble began when Scottie made some side deals with daddy to get the State budget adopted which Robin had delayed last year because Robin wanted some friends (road builders) to automatically get a bigger allowance which they usually shared with Robin and everyone in their club.

It's complicated, since Scottie is in the club, too, and he wanted fund the bigger allowance by borrowing some money that other people would have to pay back.

Robin was miffed that daddy's side deals meant he sided with Scottie over who was right, then made it worse by throwing shade at daddy on Twitter like all the kids do, and daddy took him to the woodshed.

Now Scottie wants to show Robin that daddy was right by dissing a plan which Robin and some friends put together without asking Scottie for his opinion about how to close down a hell-hole youth prison which daddy and Robin and Scottie had all tolerated for years because it made them all look like tough guys.

Now it looks like Robin will have to come back from vacation and do more work on the prison reform plan and doing that would make it look like Scottie is the boss of Robin so he's said he's not cutting his vacation short. So there!

For Scottie, it's more important to mess with Robin's plan and his head, and to make Robin look impotent than it is to behave like a big boy and do the right thing than it is to perform in a way that is completely new to Scottie: being an adult.

To which Robin would say, I know you are but what am I?

But acting like a grown-up is not in Scottie's nature: remember when he wanted to throw other people in adult prison when he thought they were disrespecting him? 

And that he got really mad when Robin worked up the prison reform plan with rare bipartisanship input, but didn't send Scottie an engraved invitation to the meeting and some snowflakes' feelings were injured:

"Horrendous, he said. It didn't go thorough the proper channels and the right people were not "in the room."

Take that!

Because when incarcerated children are locked up hundreds of miles from home and suffering everything from beatings to repetitive tear-gassing on your watch, the important thing to remember is to invite the right people through the right channels into a discussion about how to put an end to the abuse. 

And to further stamp his foot, Scottie wants to write some new rules that will make it harder for cry-babies like Robin to ever again slow down another budget, so from Team Scottie to Team Robin, the message while kids are suffering in a state-sponsored Abuseorama is "HAHA."

Yes, this is all irrational and childish, but that's what you get when you turn over all branches of state government to game-players.


Unknown said...

This goes without say, but if any Democrats did this shit, they'd be vilified.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

The last paragraph is so on the money. Bill Maher was right when he said the average GOP has the mentality of an adolescent.

And you hit on the real tragedy here- these guys all avoided dealing with Lincoln Hills for 6 YEARS, and now can't do anything because they slapped together a bill 5 days before the Assembly adjourned. FIRE THEM ALL.

James Rowen said...

Thanks for today’s comments.