Wednesday, March 14, 2018

MI wants mining firm to address dozens of issues

Michigan's environmental regulators want the owners of a proposed toxifying mine threatening Menominee nation water, land and legacy on the Michigan-Wisconsin border to respond - - and promptly - - to dozens of issues raised in more than 3,000 citizen comments on the mine, according to official records.

Walker and his environmental reformers pollution caucus leadership

Picture of Senator Thomas Tiffany
just passed legislation to bring the same kind of so-called sulfide rock mining to Wisconsin - - a push they began in 2012, as I wrote at the time, to:
Reward industry, at any cost to land and water resources which belong to all citizens, and to which Native Americans hold separate and inviolable treaty rights.
I'm glad to see Michigan authorities at least raising the right questions; at this time it's hard for me to see Wisconsin's Walker-controlled-and-corporately-focused-and-beaten-down DNR - - and always-compliant legislature - - having the freedom or the will or the curiosity or public interest commitment to do the same.

But props to the Michigan's environmental fighters.

Stay tuned.

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