Friday, March 30, 2018

Trump's brilliant dump of clean air, gas mileage standards

Great news: Trump's EPA is getting ready to rollback stupid guvmint-hatched rules that make car engines more efficient and their fuels less polluting.

For one thing, dirtier air pumped out in the US of A can help us take back the #1 air polluter-ranking from China. 

It's a slippery slope; America will suffer more losses if you let the Chinese steal one of our titles, like being first in making solar panels or building roads and schools in Africa - - and then where will we be?

This bold move by Trump shows that he's serious about always winning, and it gives the lie to lthe iberal myth that Trump has no vision or that his administration has no coherence.

Making sure by rule-making that Big Oil does its part to making American air pollution great again is the logical companion more to Trump's right-out-of-the-gate legislation that lets Big Coal dump mining waste into rivers and streams, keeping the water greatly polluted.

Look: Trump has said he has the best brain, the best people and the best words, so let's also acknowledge that he's making sure we'll have the best pollutants being spread the farthest on the water and the wind.

Hey - - coal, oil, they're both fossil fuels and burn real good, so let's not have any double standards about which gets freed up so the marketplace can decide which fossil fuel residues we breathe and drink, or will flavor our meat, fruits, vegetables and fish?

Side note: Trump's promotion of dirtier air and water dovetails perfectly with Scott Walker's statewide efforts to rollback protections for Wisconsin clean air and water, especially with Foxconn bringing its huge thirst for water and a 700+ ton annual air pollution emission needing a fresh pass from state and federal oversight. 

This kind of federal and state cooperation is what made up the dreams of Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and the Koch brothers a few years ago.

Side note, #2: Throw in US EPA administrator and friend of liquified natural gas Scott Pruitt's dedication to getting more natural gas to market, and you've got the makings of a true, America First fuel-burning trifecta - - petroleum, coal and natural gas - - and a new and improved EPA with a "P" for pollution in the agency name, to boot. 

Unless buttinski Democrats keep holding Pruitt to some fake ethical standard that they say should keep the EPA administrator away from helping his liquified natural gas lobbyist-landlord sell more liquified natural gas in Morocco, a recent Pruitt junketing destination.

And because freeing coal, oil, natural gas and auto makers to do what they do best, Trump is keeping his promise to America and his base voters to wipe away Obama administration 'achievements.'

Trump said over and over again that he'd rid America of what was inflicted on it by a Kenyan-born President whom Trump and his investigators proved was pedaling a fake birth certificate from Hawaii - - which isn't even one of our 48 states.

And let's be honest: who out there won't like making extra trips to the gas station? 

Just this week I went out of my way to find Exxon/Mobil fuel to give poor old Rex Tillerson's battered income a boost, and I won't mind adding another stop there every few weeks if it's in the national interest, too.

Plus, building in extra gas stops on road trips this upcoming summer driving season will definitely help keep America's bacon burger and super-sized soft drink deficiencies under control. 

And when the kids start asking, 'are we at grandma's house yet?,' you've got a better answer: 'No, but President Trump says, 'who's ready for another tub of cheesy fries?' 

Give Trump his due and salute genius when you see it: He's taking us back to the 50's, whether to regain lost white power or to make our beloved gas-guzzlers King of the Road again.

And if Trump can figure out a way to get the coal-fired engine under the hood, bury all this un-American electric vehicle nonsense and have all Americans enjoy the joys of Rolling Coal:

President Trump, for life.

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