Friday, March 23, 2018

DNR publicizes legacy conservation "pilgrimage goal" now hard to spot

I was glad to do my bit last year to help save the WI DNR's then-99-year-old magazine "Wisconsin Natural Resources" from Walker's ideologically-contrived chopping block.

And though the survivor magazine's publication was reduced annually to four issues from six, and has been stripped of subjects like climate change - - as were the DNR's webpages - - I can happily report that the Spring 2018 issue of the magazine is a wonderful lens through which to see the harm Walker has inflicted on Wisconsin, our environment, DNR priorities and oversight.

I will copy out some lines from the cover story "A DNR is born," and as you read them below remember that Walker intentionally politicized and degraded the DNR, repeatedly endorsed or enabled the filling of wetlands for special interests and donors, sloughed off inspections and groundwater pollution, helped bring about a huge increase in polluted waterways - - and this is important - -  installed a version of the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board - - the DNR's long-standing oversight body - - which recently approved - - background, here - - the transfer of publicly-owned state park land to help a major donor's private business plan and ultimately bulldoze for private golf course operations a wetland-and-woodland-and-wildlife habitat-and-artifact-rich nature preserve

Now, from the DNR's current magazine issue cover piece, these eloquent lines  quoted from the agency's predecessor publication "Conservation Bulletin," January-February 1968, "Ready for the challenges ahead,", by L.P. Voight, DNR Secretary:
Extensive power and responsibilities delegated by the Legislature to the new Natural Resources Board make decisions of the seven members vitally important. They always must act with the future of all citizens at heart and without selfish motives or any direct control by private users of our nature resources.
Conservation of natural resources always be the pilgrimage goal for each of us ...
Pilgrimage? Just look at last month's environmental low-lights 50 years after the DNR and Natural Resources Board were founded.

Talk about mission, direction sacrificed.


Anonymous said...

You are too modest. Your blog played a major role in keeping the magazine. I appreciate it.

James Rowen said...

Well, thank you for that, but these are group efforts. I was glad to facilitate.