Friday, March 16, 2018

After school gun massacre, 0 gun references in Walker's 'response plan'

I thought people were exaggerating when they said the 'plan' Walker announced in the wake of the Florida school shooting massacre didn't mention guns.

Then I read his office's full statement which includes the entire plan, and there is literally no use of the word "gun," or "guns."

Read what he has to say about school safety - - and the statement includes an endorsement from AG Brad Schimel also free of the gun word - - and they might as well be referencing schools made unsafe by spoiled cafeteria food or dangerous playground equipment.

Even for Walker and Schimel, it's a new pandering low, while, no doubt, the NRA - - a major Walker campaign donor whom Walker has more than repaid with rolled-back laws - - is pleased.

Like I said, our Scott is no Florida Gov. Scott.


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