Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Walker updates: His loss is our win, but his wins hurt everyone.

Today's Walker/Wisconsin report card: some protection for voting rights, but not for wetlands and clean air.

So, a win for the people in the Court of Appeals on Walker's imperiously sickening bid for judicial cover as he flouts his obligation to fully enfranchise all Wisconsin voters by calling needed special elections.

Update - - He's not running to the State Supreme Court, where a 5-2 pro-Walker majority usually fights for the right to kneel first before his throne. Look instead like he’s counting on his Legislative bellhops to rewrite his obligation out of the law instead.

But, since he is the worst Governor in Wisconsin's environmental history - - losses today on two environmental fronts

* Removal of state protections for 100,000 acres of flood-preventing, habitat-rich wetlands, and;

* Approval for the Legislature's slippery withholding of air pollution data to promote more business-friendly-and-generated dirty air not far from the soon-to-be-even-more-heavily-polluted SE lakeshore region once Foxconn's 700+tons of emitted toxins hit the breeze.

New slogan for potential Illinois recruits for Foxconn, or residency nearby:
Come for the job, leave with some smog.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Schimel is now mumbling that the GOP Legislature isn't keen on going ahead, and is blaming them for Walker's reversal yesterday afternoon.

Keep pounding on GOP State Reps and Senators anyway. The GOP must be getting drilled in the polls for this fiasco, and they should, because SCOTTY'S ARROGANCE IS THE ONLY REASON THE ELECTIONS BECAME AN ISSUE