Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Walker wants court OK to seize more power, corrupt elections

[Update: A Dane County Circuit Court Judge has turned down Walker's request.] 

Wisconsin Republicans are plotting a brazen and unprecedented act of political thievery and even want a court to give its blessing.

Our authoritarian and hyper-partisan Governor has ruled imperiously across one-party, GOP dominated Wisconsin since 2011. He wants a third term, but knows a blue wave is coming at him this fall which has already flipped to Democrats a safe GOP State Senate seat in a recent special election.

So Walker is asking the courts which recently ordered Walker to obey the law and call special elections to fill two legislative vacancies which he's refused to schedule since late last year to delay the court order for a week - - giving Walker's legislative hench-people time to create a new law to negate the judge's order.

Walker was fully aware of the vacancies, as they were created when sitting legislators took jobs in his administration
Sen. Frank Lasee (R-De Pere) and Rep. Keith Ripp (R-Lodi) stepped down in December to take jobs in Walker’s administration.
And, worse, the legislation being cobbled together would absolve Walker and future governors of the existing gubernatorial obligation to call special elections in a timely fashion so citizens are not without representation for unnecessarily long periods.

This is but the latest 'GOP change-the-rules-to-fit-the-players' gambit one key WI Republican once ranted about.

Walker's absurd but dangerous bid to have a court agree to commit institutional suicide on his behalf would be like an arresting police officer agreeing to grant a known thief one week's delay in surrendering after having been caught grabbing your purse so the thief has enough time with your keys to burglarize your house, max out your credit cards, steal your car and skip town with your stuff and stolen identity.

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Is this why they wanted Michael Haas out?