Saturday, March 24, 2018

NRA shows why moral WI Sup. Ct. vote 4/3 is Dallet, v. Screnock

For Dallet:
Image of Rebecca Dallet
not the NRA-funded Screnock, and later against Walker, Ryan and anyone else who takes money from these people:
NRA host taunts Parkland teens: ‘No one would know your names’ if classmates were still alive


Anonymous said...

Neighbors have been asking me where to get Dallet signs.

I have several commitments from neighbors to deploy Dallet signs, several on high-traffic corners.

My district votes 85 against Scott Walker, and neighbors are open to defeating Walker's judge.

The response to my repeated requests to Dallet's campaign is silence, followed by this weekend a non-committal response to drop off signs at our home maybe.

I offered to distribute and deploy 50 signs several times.

I fear Dallet could lose a close election, there is no sense of urgency, no apparent understanding what is at stake.

This is why Dems lose elections, and why Republicans will do anything without fear Dems will do anything in response.

If I had to guess, the turnout in the young-minority part, (renters), of our district will be about 18 percent, extrapolating from past April elections, though the population in that neighborhood is some 95 percent against Walker and Republicans.

It's as though the Democratic Party and Dallet's campaign weed out talent, and commitment.

If Dallet loses a close reace, remember this comment.

Katrina said...

I think she probably doesn't have money for signs. She can't take help from the DPW because Supreme Court is non partisan. I encourage you to make your own signs either with paint or printing them and charging your neighbors a nominal fee. Also, the wire sign holders can be very expensive so if you have old campaign signs you can recover and reuse them.

James Rowen said...

I agree about the funding issue, and there is an old saw that 'yard signs don't vote - - but non-partisan election or not, Screnock has taken $30,000, at least, from the GOP.

Katrina said...

I think Dallet is holding herself to a higher standard as far as being nonpartisan. It is pretty terrible that Screnock is taking money from the GOP. If I were Dallet I would make it an issue - maybe she is.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

She is making it an issue, especially Screnock's endorsement by the NRA. And Dems are openly backing Dallet (as anyone should if they have an IQ over 80 and an ounce of decency).

I'd hope Dallet had campaign workers at this weekend's rallies to remind people they don't have to wait till November to smack down the NRA and their crooked puppets.

Anonymous said...

This district Re yard signs will not turn out without field work.

Yard signs are needed to remind people there is an election on Tuesday, along with lit drops, knocks, so on.

This is untapped, and the district is densely populated.

Neighbors report no lit, but did receive Feb mail.

I report a rebuke to an offer to turn this district out.

The difference between a 20-percent turnout and a near-pres turnout is in the 1,000s.

I am witnessing campaign malpractice that is, I report to readers, SOP for Wisconsin Dems, notwithstanding the atomized, distracted Democrat with whom I spoke this weekend.

I hope the blue wave works, but I am telling you Wisconsin is playing with fire in this race.