Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Wednesday wheel-spinning, groveling alert

Duped by Trump, Walker defaults to more senior Trump tool Wilbur Ross because earlier photo-op brown nosing failed.

  1. . says he plans to talk tomorrow with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross about tariffs. Trump today reaffirmed his plan, despite strong GOP opposition from , Walker and others
  2. . says tariffs caught him off guard: "Heck, all of us governors, the majority of governors in America, were just at the White House ... this didn't come up at all. He talked about trade, but he didn't talk about the details of these tariffs."

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Unknown said...

It insults my intelligence when Walker uses colloquialisms like "heck". As if I'm supposed to believe he's this kind hearted, Ward Cleaver-esque leader while he's selling my kids future to the highest bidder and stabbing us in the back. The man's a menace.