Friday, November 4, 2016

The WI Senate race is all about Citizen$ United

That GOP Senator Ron Johnson has a Koch-interests'-dominated special interest campaign funding advantage of more than 5:1 over Democratic challenger and campaign finance reform author Russ Feingold tells you all you need to know about why Republicans are spending heavily to keep Johnson in a Republican-led body, especially if Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency and Republicans carry through on Johnson and Republicans' threats to block all her Supreme Court nominations and even to impeach her.
Russ Feingold Official Portrait 3.jpg
Hillary Clinton has pledged to nominate US Supreme Court Justices who believe that the Citizens United decision should be overturned, hence the open checkbook from Citizens United beneficiaries and Johnson's eagerness to take the money.

Also: it's awful that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel made no endorsement in the Senate race with the multiple millions' mismatch staring them and the electorate in the face.

But, then again, the paper tempers its concerns about big money in campaigns by calling for greater disclosure.

That gets at part of the problem, but doesn't address the anti-democratic core of Citizens United and the advantages it confers on the already-wealthy and powerful head on.

Neither will Johnson.

Final thought: the editorial board took a shot at Feingold as a "career politician," forgetting that it repeatedly endorsed career politicians like Tommy Thompson, Paul Ryan and the Donald Trump enabler Scott Walker, all Republicans and office holders who, as group like Johnson, have zero interest in campaign finance reform because they are big money's bellhops delivering public resources on demand.


Anonymous said...

So the polsters and their media minions want us to believe that at least 6% of Clinton voters are going to vote for Dumb Ron Johnson because, I guess, he will impeach her.

The fix is in and the polls are dishonest as ever and the media is dutifully catapulting the propaganda.

Anonymous said...

It will all come down to Waukesha.