Friday, October 7, 2016

WI GOP hits bottom as leaders become lackeys

The Republican Party was born in Ripon, Wisconsin in 1854 and gave the country President Abraham Lincoln, and even, of late, an occasional moderate.

On Saturday, and just a two-hour drive from Ripon in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, the state's party leadership will openly and enthusiastically flush away its legacy and credibility when it gathers on stage to endorse for President the unstable racist, misogynist and tax avoider Donald Trump.

Wisconsin's perpetually-self-promoting Gov. Scott Walker will be there, having already swirled a five-figure Trump donation into the dark money mix which fueled Walker's 2012 recall win, so Walker brings no contradiction or surprising ethical let-down to his party's Elkhorn party.
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Walker's presence in the Walworth County setting will be more an affirmation than a disappointment, as he will no doubt reprise for an adoring crowd his teen years' burger-flipping in nearby Delavan and hope his by-now-stale story will trick the crowd into forgetting his signature and broken job-creating promise, let alone his less-than-one-percent pre-primary polling in Iowa last year that took him off the national stage, buried his home-state approval ratings and helped vault Trump to GOP alpha status.

Ditto for the do-nothing Tea Party first-term US Senator Ron Johnson, so threatened with the dreaded one-and-done label that he's comically promising not to seek a third term. 

If there is a False Humility Society, Johnson just flat out won its Self-Parody or Lifetime Achievement Award.

Also attending this gathering of all-star opportunists is US Congressman Paul Ryan, thus proving that hanging on to his House of Representatives Speakership where the righty-fringe wack job and satirically-named Freedom Caucus keeps him a willing hostage is more important than maintaining his carefully-crafted-and coiffed smarted-guy-in-the-room reputation, his party's credibility and its 162-year legacy.

All this to inflict a shallow, egomaniacal and dangerously unprepared reality TV show host on the US military, the Federal budgeting process which Ryan had heretofore treated as sacred territory, and also on the US body politic which Trump has demeaned and degraded for more than a year as systematically and self-interestedly as he maneuvered around federal open housing law and the US tax code.

And which of these climate-change deniers and environmental obstructionists will be the first to ask for thoughts and prayers for the hurricane saturated US Southeast?

Such is the shameful state of affairs in formerly-progressive Wisconsin as its leaders become lackeys in support of greater power sought for partisan self-interest and bought with  special-interest millions.

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Anonymous said...

One has to wonder if Trump will tell Scotty once again like he did in the debates that the Wisconsin economy is in the tank and that Scotty is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. IT MATTERS NOT AS ALL WALKER WANTS IS THE ATTENTION AND TO BE SEEN IN THE NATIONAL MEDIA SO THAT HE CAN CONTINUE TO HOLD HIS DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR