Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Walker coached Pence? To…the top spot on the 2020 ticket?

The talking heads' consensus after tonight's Veep debate is that Pence helped position Pence for the far-right, deeply-evangelical top spot position on the GOP 2020 ticket.

Not so much help for the perpetually flummoxed wild man Trump, but frankly devastating for Pence debate coach, failed-2015 GOP presidential candidate and 2020 presidential wannabe Scott Walker.

The more credit you want to heap on Pence, the more it's at Walker's expense.

There's only room on that ticket for one far-right evangelical, and after tonight, it ain't the leader of Wreckhavocstan. 

For Walker, it's divided, then conquered.

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Anonymous said...

I could not help but think, as I listened to the debate which I could not stomach watching, that Pence was able to speak in complete sentences and repeat his talking points over-and-over again in a way that probably made his base happy with the performance.

Walker would never have been able to do anything but ramble incoherently and drool. The swill-suckin' Harley-ridin' crap he tried to con the national media with will never play on a national stage. Personally, I think the Walker preppin' tRump and Pence was all a lie that the in-state propaganda machine was all-too-happy to prop up.

But I am glad you posted this and I was thinking along the same lines. Hillary Clinton is an awful candidate, the worst that they could have run against a shattered republican party. 2016 was there for the taking. We know know the democrats fixed the process to catapult a highly unfavorable candidate to the top of the ticket.

I can only hope that if Don the Con goes down spectacularly as a national candidate, then the Wisconsin mafia (more accurately Koch hacks) Priebus/Walker/Ryan also get dismissed as republican rock stars.