Monday, October 3, 2016

No vocabulary left to describe Donald Trump

What can you say about this? 

After all his lying and displays of ridicule, immaturity, projection, degradation, phoniness and the multiple disclosures validating his menacing b.s. - - I don't have the words to adequately put this latest disqualifying revelation about his fake patriotism and false love for blue collar works into perspective.
Trump at lectern before backdrop with elements of logo "TRUMP"
It's a collective disgrace that a national party which first gave America President Abraham Lincoln has so hated eight years of a black male President and so fears eight more years of a female President - - in other words, America without a familiar white male face in the White House - - that the GOP would promote this fraudulent fool and stick the rest of the world with him:
Revealed: Trump ditched US workers and secretly purchased steel and aluminum for last two projects from China

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my5cents said...

I ran out of words to describe Trump a long time ago. If him buying steel and aluminum from China instead of U.S. companies is his way of bringing business back here, I sure wish someone could explain that to his supporters who are expecting him to bring jobs home for them (we all know he won't). They all need to learn what he means when he says he's a businessman. In business, you buy from the lowest bidder for a building project. So long as Trump can put another dime in his pocket, he will get his product from anywhere in the world. Even though you explain that to the people who support him it won't make any difference. In the future they could never say they were not told. Wasn't he giving a speech in Pennsylvania the same day that information came out. In his speech wasn't he telling them that he would get their steel mills up and running again and create many jobs there. I would laugh at that, but it is not funny to play with people that way.