Wednesday, October 5, 2016

In WI, a dog's life can be more valuable than a human's

You will note in this stunning story about a Milwaukee man being freed from prison after 24 years years of wrongful incarceration that our backwater state caps compensation for such miscarriages of justice at $25,000 - - so this man will receive about $1,000 for every year that the state took from him.

As I have noted on this blog for years, the state will compensate a bear hunter $2,500 for a hound killed by a wolf even if the owner ran the hound off-leash through known wolf activity territory. Even if the owner is a repeat collector of such reimbursements. Even if the owner is a proven scofflaw.

Forty such hound deaths this year alone make their owners are eligible for the payments. 

Two of the more recently slaughtered hounds were Plotts, like this one picture below.

And the Wisconsin bear-hunting season has another six days to go, to be followed by more hound 'training' runs against bears right through through wolf activity areas in the Northwoods that have been seeded legally with bear bait which is also of interest to wolves.

You tell me where the justice is in all this?

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