Sunday, September 11, 2016

Latest price of tainted WI lawmaking/lawbreaking: $1.6 million

That's the cost in public dollars - - dwarfed by the insult to Wisconsin women and social civility - - slapped on the public treasury by the GOP-led Wisconsin Legislature when it passed an obviously illegal barrier to legal reproductive services with Scott Walker's ideological encouragement and willfully unconstitutional signing.

That same gang of GOP thieves also blew $10 million of our cash, plus about $40 million in forfeited train equipment, along with lost jobs and a Milwaukee assembly plant with maintenance facilities when they willfully broke a contract with the train builder, the Spanish firm Talgo.

The train settlement was negotiated for Talgo by leading Madison Atty. Lester Pines; his firm, Cullen Weston Pines & Bach, LLP and the ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation shared the legal cost settlement in the reproductive rights case.

And the ruling party has wasted public spending galore implementing an unneeded Voter ID scheme, and several other ballot box restrictions which federal courts have blocked despite appeals by GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel - - again in the name of right-wing ideology and the Republican gerrymandered legislative power linked to it.

Schimel is also diverting state funds to fight transgender bathroom use, block federal clean air initiatives and hiring known rightwing attorneys with payroll funds while bouncing the state's leading environmental lawyer who used to sue in the public interest to deter polluters.

With an office chief of staff from the world of corporate lobbying.

And these are fiscal conservatives? 

Not with our money.


Anonymous said...

But the media keeps tellin' me they are fiscal conservatives. Who am I suppose to believe, a blogger or my tee-vee, radio news reports, and my trusted local newspaper?

You seem to be implying that the media is falsely identifying Republicans as being fiscal conservatives. How can this be? They have entire staffs of professional journalists and editors and most blogs are just someone writing and posting -- perhaps sometimes even from mommy's basement.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Do you ever tell the media members this using email and Twitter, or do you just type the same thing constantly here to accomplish.....???

Anonymous said...

Where's the Packers coverage? Why is anyone blogging about this stuff when it is Packers season?

Anonymous said...

Have you tried to contact any of the reporters with the media? What do you think happens? But at least I do and I call them out at events too -- I happen to be in the media business myself, hence the anonymity.

Thanks for being so helpful, Jake. I look forward to attending your next event and I will watch you blog for the notice.

James Rowen said...

I read Jake's blog all the time. I wish we made more motivated writers willing to get out there and educate.

James Rowen said...

Sorry, Jake. Will try and monitor this more effectively.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

No worries. Thanks for the quick response