Friday, October 14, 2016

When Ron Johnson did not stand with abuse victims

With so much attention in the political environment right now to sexual abuse, I thought it was important to honor the record and repost two things:

*  Video of Ron Johnson's testimony before a Wisconsin legislative committee that put him in the spotlight even before he ran for US Senate.  

The question was whether to make it easier for claims to be filed: Johnson appeared in opposition.

*  And do not forget Johnson's silence after being told that a female aide member had been sexually assaulted - - a matter that led to more revelations and the eventual ouster and jailing of the abuser - - a high-ranking Wisconsin GOP legislator.
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Thank you for tying this together. It's well past time for the Dems to remind people of how regressive (mo)Ron Johnson is.

I know Russ doesnt like to go "negative", but sometimes you have to remind the average dope of the facts

Anonymous said...

Yes, the average bloke needs to be reminded of the fact, but this is more proof that the Republican take-over of Wisconsin was enabled and even created by a dysfunctional network of media that totes the GOP party line across the state in unison.

And remember, Walker's biggest cheerleader is now owned by the nation's biggest newspaper publisher - Gannet/USA today, so things are not likely to get any better. They already own the papers up Fox Valley - all pro-Walker and GOP.

Anonymous said...

Dumb Ron Johnson, daddy-in-law set him up with a fool-proof business and he promotes himself as if he is a great entrepreneur. While Scott Walker may foolishly claim that he will enter the private sector to make "big" money (he has lived on the public teat essentially since dropping out of Marquette and we know he fathered an illegitimate child at the time), Dumb Ron Johnson is actually pretending to be a business man thanks to his sugar daddy.

The bogus Marquette poll, however, says its a dead-heat, which means the fix is in. Clinton is still trouncing tRump, yet we are suppose to believe some of her voters are going to step-over for Dumb Ron Johnson?

If we had honest, free, open, verifiable, and transparent elections; and we don't because vote tabulations have been privatized and are proprietary, Dumb Ron Johnson would not be proclaimed to have closed a double digit lead while Clinton is still whopping tRump's p---y.

And now tRump is saying he gawked at Clinton's butt and proclaimed today "I am not impressed, believe me".

But don't expect to see any reports on this outrageous attack on the first female nominee from a major party in Wisconsin's media! If we had the "fourth estate" that some defend, Dumb Ron Johnson would get crushed because tRump should be beaten by a YUUUUGE margin in Wisconsin.