Saturday, August 1, 2015

Two thoughts on Walker's continuing uncertainty about Obama's Christianity

When I read this smug, cringe-worthy and odiously disrespectful story and headline about our sorry excuse for a Governor - - Walker is still unsure whether Obama is Christian - - my first thought was, "I apologize for Walker, Mr. President."

My second thought flashed back to the comment I'm sure one old friend would have made:

"Oh, so Walker took two ass**** pills today!"

If Trump had said it with his signature dismissiveness and bluster, the outrage would be swift and universal. Same for Cruz, had he said it with that sneer, or Christie, in anger.

But Walker gets away with saying and doing the most repulsive things because he never raises his voice and media have let him peddle that preacher's son persona, despite all the obvious contradictions.


Anonymous said...

I hope the Republican debates are wild, unpredictable, and veer off the scripted track enough to cause Walker to loose his "Mr. Clean" demeanor! Trump can attack, causing chaos which may disable Walker's "every guy" presentation. Let's see how Walker operates without the stringent controls/safety nets he is used to.
Let's see if Trump can unmask Walker!

mrs.e said...

It's worked for him his whole life - why stop now?

Anonymous said...

I bet something comes up and Walker can't attend the first debate.

Anonymous said...

I guess he needed to get the attention of the press away from Trump. This is one way to do it. Question Obama while really saying nothing that most of his base don't already believe.

Anonymous said...

You analysis on why Walker gets a free pass is off-base. The CAUSE is not the false eagle scout/son of a preacher man schtick. That is just more propaganda and is the EFFECT of what is really going on.

As anyone that has objectively followed the state's largest newspaper knows, it was actually they that catapulted Walker into the Governor's mansion (on multiple occasions now) by constantly reprinting Walker talking points as news. This is just disinformation and outright propaganda, but this is what the corporate media has become, cheerleaders and boosters for right wing extremist policies.

The crap about son of blah blah blah and even the outrageously inaccurate garbage about "midwestern nice" is just one of the many lies, actually propaganda, that they print. Without media propaganda Walker is nothing.

The national media will not, in a significant way, do anything different than MJS. After all, the media shills are all brothers in lodge of political deceit. Don't expect the truth from any mainstream media source. Collectively, they are overwhelmingly in the bag for a hack like Walker.

Betsy said...

Horrible "unintimidated" man who proved himself to American billionaires by standing up to all those hard working teachers and public employees. I guess I don't know if he is a Christian as I have never asked him and his actions speak much louder than his words!