Saturday, August 1, 2015

Charles Koch rips 'crony capitalism'

Not The Onion.


Headline corrected. Charles Koch, not David.


Anonymous said...


This from a guy who's spending nearly $900,000,000 to handpick candidates in the 2016 Presidential election?


I'm sure his PR machine cooked this one up.

No one should believe him for a second!

Anonymous said...

I bet few have taken more in subsides than Kock Industries.

Koch Brothers Should Return $157 Million in Government Subsidies - See more at:

Anonymous said...

Note these before and after photos of Koch & friends' finished product:

Stuck in their failed tar sands f**king fracking business, they will say anything to be allowed to move their slimy chemical/gas through pipelines to U.S. coasts and kill the planet (nearly accomplished). It's now been almost 53 years since Silent Spring was published September 27, 1962 and we do know better than to let corporations rule the world. Koch-ed-up fools can just keep it zipped.

my5cents said...

And, if you truly believe Charles Koch meant this -- "Where I believe we need to start in reforming welfare is eliminating welfare for the wealthy," Koch said. "This means stopping the subsidies, mandates and preferences for business that enrich the haves at the expense of the have nots." -- you are delusional.

And then you have this comment from Walker, which ought to scare the bejebus out of anyone: Asked about some of his Cabinet choices, should he be chosen as GOP nominee and elected next November, Walker named fellow hopefuls Fiorina and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, as well as former Missouri Sen. Jim Talent and former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who was also in attendance.

La Mer said...

"And, if you truly believe Charles Koch..."
No, I don't. He's obfuscating. Look at what he has actually done, however: brought dirty coal to us and tar sands/bakken dilbit, too, whether or not we want it.

With nothing but a load of money, he bought Walker's recall and
created oh, such real looking puppet legislators; he made himself the gravitational $h*t-hole pulling strings and talking $h*t not just at the center of the clown campaign MSM newsfeed today, but also at the center of Wisconsin's actual demise with the energy sector takeover of WI, IL, MI, MN in the real present tense:

and so of course WI (or W-E-C or whatever the utility holding company is called now) is suing EPA, and Koch can entertain himself spouting doublespeak.

And if it is true that there's hexavalent chromium in coal ash piles, and killer air around the power plants -- we're screwed. Erin Brockovitch, we need you! (But I digress.)

The Kochness monsters brought it all together in just the past five to ten years, the MINING, REGULATION, GENERATION...TRANSMISSION (e.g., getting power to where it's needed to run the pumping stations carrying Koch$h*t tar sands dilbit through the Enbridge pipelines to Madison and points south):

but it ain't over yet.

The truth is still more powerful than anything and the truth is what we use to draw the line, to stand up and run for state office, to return to balance, before Earth gets so hot that humans just burn up, sending the bad lying boys straight to hell.

La Mer said...

Seems the DNR has switched links on me; "energyindependence" (in above comment) was supposed to link to the map of all the coal-fired powerplants in Wisconsin...