Sunday, August 2, 2015

NW land owner looking for another iron mine speculator

Who wants to throw away the kind of money GTac wasted on unproductive wetlands exploration and mapping that 'discovered' too much water in the surrounding Penokee Hills and Bad River watershed - - not to mention big money spent on political grease?

What mining operation wants a ten-year losing fight with the US EPA, the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Bad River Ojibwe?


Anonymous said...

Walker "wins", by hook or crook, the Presidency and everything you mention obstructing the development is out-the-window. For that matter, any repug wins and the same thing will happen. Scott Walker can be fraudulently hoisted in the White House -- it won't be the first election he has stolen:

Here are 2 short videos and links to downloadable/printable transcripts of each (.pdf).

1. Recall the Recall Truth: Walker Stole That Election

Transcript with graphics

2. The Media & Scott Walker's November 2014 Election Fraud

Transcript with graphics

The "new" operator? CHINA!

Iron Mine is Why Walker Wants Foreign Land Sales: China's Buying

This will pull the rug out from under the Bad River Ojibwe. Ultimately, SCOTUS will dismiss their objections saying, "Go sue china!"

This is not a good development and it is not one to take lightly.

Anonymous said...

John Congdon is just trying to work a Pump-and-Dump to convert his Penokee Hills land and mineral rights holdings into cash before he kicks the bucket. He tried in 2003 to dump this on another mine developer, or minerals holding company. The GTAC debacle was all about the same, too. RGGS and LaPointe know there is no money to be made on developing a mine here with the present state of the global iron market. Congdon, et al, are seeking a profitable payout in their lifetime, and the clock is ticking.