Monday, August 3, 2015

550+ million ways Walker has hurt Wisconsin

$550 million is the amount of federal health-care dollars Walker has rejected, with the total estimated to balloon to $2.5 billion.

Why? They are Obamacare dollars. Enough said - - and if anyone missed out on an organ transplant or crucial drug therapy or what others call 'routine' surgery, too bad, so sad, said the Governor and legislators with Cadillac health care provided and subsidized by taxpayers.

Add that to $800 million in Amtrak expansion funding he rejected - - and all the jobs and social benefits sacrificed to ideology through those funding refusals - - and you wonder why he cares so little for out state and its residents.

And, again, look to Minnesota for sanity and cheaper health insurance.


Anonymous said...

Mickey Mouse wears a Scott Walker watch.

Sue said...

Do his sons get to stay on Daddy's health insurance while they campaign for him?