Thursday, January 8, 2015

Walker 2nd term promise going way of 250,000 jobs promise

We laughed on the deck of the Wisconsin Ship of Fools at Scott Walker's weaselly commitment to serving a full second term.

Pinocchio, a symbol of untruthfulness.

His intentions were not hard to decipher, though more naive observers would argue that Walker had explained himself to the best of his knowledge.

PolitiFact does rate it a "promise."

Though having obscured and broken his promise to create 250,000 new jobs in his first term, and freed from any electoral restraint on aversion to truthiness and his inveterate default to the dark side, I see no reason to think he could keep a promise for a second full term or honestly managing would manage even one single job.

Walker's campaign itinerary - - he's headed soon to Iowa at an event to share cantaloupe with rightwing, insensitive host Congressman Steve King - - and robotic preliminaries leave only the date when the full-term promise is officially ash-canned.

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Sue said...

I hope he has many opportunities to share his vision for America with reporters. I hope every time he opens his mouth there is a microphone nearby.