Wednesday, January 28, 2015

He who is not qualified to talk about 'one more class per semester'

I had believed up until the last 24 hours that the only political issue raised by Scott Walker's departure from Marquette University 36 credits short of graduation was his inability to fully explain why he couldn't stick with a significant task.

But after he announced his proposed historic cut to the UW system and  I saw this headline
Gov. Scott Walker to UW faculty: Consider teaching one more class per semester
...I decided he's the wrong person to judge university teachers and the work they put in. 

Maybe if he had considered taking one more class per semester, he'd have the depth that comes with the degree and the satisfaction of filling out a commitment that would better guide executive decision-making.


Anonymous said...

This fool says:" They MIGHT be able to make savings just by asking faculty and staff to consider teaching one more class per semester." So his cuts are based not on any facts of fat in the system just his belief that savings MIGHT be possible. His decision to deny federal Medicaid funds was based on his belief that the Medicaid money MIGHT not be there down the road! His MIGHTS are killing Wisconsin's education and economy. These draconian cuts to the crown jewel of higher education in Wisconsin should be protested vehemently by students, faculty and all of us concerned with what this clown is doing to Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes, you can ask professors to teach one more class per semester. And the top candidates will no longer apply to teach at UW, as teaching load is a big indicator of the importance of research at the university. Great idea.

WI is a small state which is disproportionately prominent in the national media. This is largely due to research coming out of the UW system, so that's another reason not to wreck it.