Thursday, January 8, 2015

Key WI GOP legislative watchword: 'Quickly'

Today's proposal for instant legislating?  Giving Milwaukee schools that face enormous family and demographic challenges and crises to GOP-favored charter school operators. Winners are the private school choice movement and all devotees of Grover Norquist's drown-government-in-the-bathtub movement.

Also on front burners, say GOP legislative leaders: New rules limiting opposition debate to a half-hour per item, right-to-work wage theft legislation to please major corporate donors, and bigger tax-free taxpayer supplied expense accounts for Assembly members.

Winners are the Diane Hendricks of the Wisconsin political world, downtown Madison sandwich shops and hotels, and legislators' cash flow.

This high-speed legislating is less about deliberating and more about keyboarding - - then letting  lobbyists and special interests' run everything past their spell-checks and funders' agendas.

When needed, Walker will be called back from the presidential fund-raisng circuit for a signature.

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Anonymous said...

You've outlined Wisconsin government exactly. Our Wisconsin government is no longer a democracy it's Prostitution! CORPORATIONS, LOBBYISTS AND SPECIAL INTERESTS PAY MONEY TO LEGISLATORS WHO PROVIDE THE DESIRED SERVICE AND WALKER SIGNS IT!