Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Walker among Fawning Four at Koch servitude event

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who gets to carry the Koch brothers' ball?
Who will promise them more and more?
Who will give away the store?

Now buying a candidate is no sure thing.
Even if the choices are all right wing.
So they've got the servants pared down to four.
To choose among them who has no core.

A clue? Who didn't get an invitation?
No Jeb, no Mitt with fresh moderation.
And who has deep love from Rush the talker?
So things line up for S. K. Walker.

He broke the unions, a Koch brothers dream.
A fossil fuels guy, Walker hates what's green.
And he's already mastered the coordination game,
So the funders' mechanics he can easily claim.

Will media now get busy with digging?
And reveal who directed this pro-Walker rigging?
Key top players have revealed the date.
So again, we ask, where's The Fourth Estate?

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