Friday, January 23, 2015

To slam Madison & appease Tea Party, Walker will degrade the UW

Walker didn't need a college degree, and apparently he doesn't care if you hope to get yours from the nationally-ranked UW system that also is at the heart of the economies and appeal of Madison and other campus towns statewide.

It fits right in with Walker right-hand man Assembly GOP Speaker Robin Vos' attack on UW science curricula, and send a message into the heart of blue, liberal Madison that nothing is beyond these reactionary ideologues' reach.

Like Walker's enforced austerity that is producing fewer jobs than the national rate, a plan pay for instantly-gratifying tax breaks to cut the UW's way to excellence makes no sense.

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Anonymous said...

By the time Walker, Vos and Nass have riden off into the sunset the greatness and international standing of Wisconsin-Madison will have been drowned in the proverbial bathtub along with Wisconsin's governance and reputation for excellence! These guys are on a search and destroy mission to promote their political careers at the expense of us all.