Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Oil pipeline bigger than Keystone headed North-South in WI

Let's hope Dane County can rally around a David-and-Goliath stance on behalf of the environment and public health against a pipeline company with a history of oil pipeline spills and the business compliant Wisconsin DNR.

A Dane County zoning committee may require the Canadian firm Enbridge  - - a company which has had major oil pipeline spills in Wisconsin and Michigan and elsewhere - - to provide spill and clean-up insurance before being allowed to increase to 1.2 million barrels a day - - 50% greater than what is projected in the higher-profile Keystone XL line - - the amount of thick, toxic tar sand oil it wants to pump the full length of Wisconsin.

Here's a map of the route - - Superior to Delavan.

The project would double the existing capacity of Enbridge's Pipeline 61 across Wisconsin farms, forests and waterways - - the Soviet-style numerical designation further sanitizes the project's visibility and consequences - - and, as you might expect, is getting your typical Scott Walker administration easy pass and reflexive green-light from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board.

The New York Times recently elevated the issue's significance.

Props to grassroots organizers statewide and in Dane County for working against great odds to keep from happening here what took place in an Arkansas neighborhood when an Enbridge pipeline broke there in 2010.


Anonymous said...

Even in a language as nuanced as the English one, I doubt if words could convey the power of your photograph.

Anonymous said...

Attended the meeting last night and was pleased to see that Supervisors are working carefully and intelligently on this issue. Lots of details to understand and they seem intent not to skip any.