Friday, January 23, 2015

Walker, Vos play that weak Doyle/foil blame game

About that casino, t'was time to decide,
but Walker and Vos were predictably snide.

We knew they'd avoid their GOP blame.
We've watched them before and we all know that game.

First Walker, then Vos dragged up their old foil,
to point to the past and at ex-Gov. Jim Doyle.

Who's been gone from power since 2010.
Yet there's the evasion - - again and again.

Racine and Kenosha were Walker's in November,
But long weeks ago... so no need to remember.

And term number two, that pledge to remain?
As we said at the time, a sincerity feign.

And so goes Wisconsin as Walker campaigns,
in Iowa, and elsewhere for his personal gains.


CJ said...

Right on James!

Anonymous said...

Is there anything else that they can possibly blame on Doyle. They knew about the compact since 2005 and if they wanted to considering that they hold all the power and control of Wisconsin's government developed a new compact for the dissenting tribes and simply presented it to them. In fact the minute the $25 million gaming fee was withheld the existing compact should have been declared void and their casinos shut down! But he never planned to approve the casino project he only held off to milk all sides for the maximum in campaign donations! He's a shake down artist with the best of them and in the process has made Wisconsin government akin to enough and you get whatever you want.

Anonymous said...

And Walker cultists are on comment sections of newspapers blaming it on Doyle-Burke. ha ha